• Natasha Derouchie

Go ahead and fill that cup

It can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day. As a busy mom of three small children I have been "busy" for a while now... Throw in a global pandemic, flip the world topsy turvy, add in homeschooling, running my businesses from home, taking care of the home, making time for my hubby, family...... my cup can empty pretty damn quick.

This past week I was feeling the weight of everything I had to do and the only thing that got me threw it was creating a list of what needed to be done in order of importance, sticking to my schedule (for me and the kids) and getting shit done. I still had a ton to do but I got the BIG stuff off of my list and took in a big breath. So when my BFF (yes we still have those in our late 30's), reached out asking to join an event called "petals and poses" yoga and floral arrangement on the actual farm the flowers were grown... At first I was like nope can't do it, too much to do, just work. But then I was like "Lady!!!!" (yes i talk to myself) "GO! The never ending list of things to do and the feeling like you are not doing enough...isnt going anywhere. BUT if you get out, have fun, get out of your head, you will feel so much better and recharged!" So I did! I filled my damn cup! It was glorious and I need to do it more.

At first it felt rushed, because I wanted to get my workout done and get the kids dropped off and my in-laws before I drove out to the farm (yes I worked out before yoga, I am following a program and wanted to stick to it). But when I got there and saw the women who organized the event smiling faces, I was like I need this. We got to stay in our pod and the organizers were great with following all current covid safety measures.

We started with a tour and history of the farm and property. My group started off with floral design and each left with our very own hand designed arrangement. We were fed the most scrumptious pumpkin scones, topped with edible flowers and finished our day off with a yoga session in a sun soaked field. We had so much fun, definitely something I would do again.

So what it comes down to is, the lists will always grow longer, but YOU CANNOT POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP!

It is something I preach, but I haven't been great at following. I decided a few months back that it had to change. One thing I do for myself daily is workout, my mood, focus, clarity, strength etc is soooooo much better. It is a great way to start my day. And I am happily spending those 30-40 minutes a day on me.

What have you been putting off until you have more time?

Reading a book?

Going for lunch?

Taking up running?

Working on your business?



Lotsa Love