• Natasha Derouchie

Life Update

Ok, so it has been a million years. Life has been crazy!

For the past year, I have been working from home, homeschooling my two oldest, taking care of my youngest, and managing the day-to-day household things 24/7 (insert big-eyed emojis!).

Feeling like just DONE..... my hubby and I sat down and looked at everything, the house, debt, kids, school, work, everything. And we decided changes were necessary.

So we sold our house! We move at the end of May!

With the sale of our house, we can clear all our debt and be 100% debt-free.

The plan is to build when we find land we love, but for now, we will be renting a home in our small town.

The kids went back to public school! Been back for two weeks now.

And I have reduced my workload by taking an FT job with a local Realtor (he sold my house lol) assisting with admin, marketing etc.

I feel like that's not even it lol (probably forgot something)

But with all these changes a lot of stress and time has been released for me and I can now spend some time on this, my passion project.

I have been blogging since before our children and it has always felt like an important part of my life, so having dedicated time to focus on it will be amazing.

I can get back to being consistently present in my social accounts and my blog YAY.

So I hope you come along for the ride!

Let me know what kind of blog posts you'd like. My fav recipes, daily routine, what I am wearing for spring, parenting in a pandemic? AND do you live vlogs? I was super active on youtube a million years ago and have been thinking about starting it back up (no time or energy) so now I am thinking maybe weekly vlogs or day in the life or chitchat type videos?

Hope you are doing well!

Lot's of Love


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