• Natasha Derouchie

Self Care is more than a trip to the Spa

It’s been a while since I have written here and I am so happy to be back. Self care is incredibly important and should be included in all things we do from home life, business and friendships.

Like most things #selfcare has become a trend and you can see perfectly curated images at spas and girls trips talking about indulging in self care. While I absolutely love both of those ideas lol, they aren’t always practical nor are they the only way to show yourself some care, attention, rest and respect. It’s one of those things that goes along with self love, respect and awareness. They shouldn’t live in solidarity but work in harmony.

So I created a list of self care ideas/action items or reminders… however you choose to look at them. These things can be done regularly and don’t involve a massive investment in time or money (I get it momma, I can’t go to the spa every week either).

  • Get outside and get grounded. When we get busy or even when we are bored or feeling low we can isolate ourselves inside and go on lockdown. Get outside, let the sun kiss your face, let the wind blow through your hair, take deep breathes. It’s amazing how such a simple act and leave you feeling invigorated.

  • Read a book. Something outside of work. I am always reading articles and courses, blogs etc on marketing, social media etc. so reading a totally different story, something just for me that is frivolous feels so good.

  • Get dressed up. And this may sound silly but as a mom of 3 and a business owner that predominantly works from home this can make a big difference. Washing my face, putting something on that isn’t stretchy or that I wouldn’t sleep in. Putting effort into myself, even for 5-10 minutes, freshens me up.

  • Quiet time. The thing all children dread and I as a parent have learned to love. I the age of technology we are always plugged in and connected. I often will drive with no radio, no podcast, and just sit with my silence. I sued to try and fill every minute with something and found myself feeling overwhelmed. So now I take quiet time and feel like a reset button is hit.

  • BFF time! You can be so refueled by connections and spending quality time with friends and loved ones. Girls night, date night, coffee, weekend away, or whatever you can fit in. With people you feel absolutely comfortable with being yourself, who you can talk to about whatever.

  • Move it Move it. Physical activity can be so amazing, not just for your body, for your mind and soul.

  • Journal. Share your thoughts, ideas, dreams and more in a personal journal just for you. Writing it out and making it “official” by putting it out into the world is very powerful and a great way to validate how you are feeling or your goals and ideas.

  • Get creative. Do you love to paint, draw, sing, write? Exercising your creative muscles can be incredibly rewarding.

And there are so many more ways to practice self care. I would love to know how you actively practice self care in your day to day life.

Lotsa Love


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