• Natasha Derouchie

That 80's Summer feeling!

Some of you might be like ohhhh ya summers in the '80s and others might be like... I was born in the 90's! So here it is, after what feels like 5 million years in lockdown and not knowing what will be open my sister-in-law and I decided on an old school backyard summer for our babes (5 between us). The nostalgia of summertime in the 80s is strong for me, it has a golden hour glow to it. So what do I mean by it? When you were a kid do you remember having one house that everyone went to? The house with the cool toys, with the pool, with the big yard to run in, the fun BBQs? That! We are pooling our resources and giving the kids and ourselves the best summer.

Think running in the sun with cousins, wet bathing suit snuggles, freezing cold sprinklers, freezes, laugher, bonfires, BBQs with family, and just love and fun and happiness!

Pictures by @vanveitcreative

So how are we doing this? By saying yes more lol (have you watched yes day?)

I am going to share some fun ideas and things we have for this summer. Also, ways to have this type of summer without having to buy big-ticket items!

We have been using the same pink elephant kiddie pool for years now. So this year we upped our game and ordered a slightly bigger pool to accommodate our family and to get the kids more comfortable in the water (a goa of mine this summer). We ordered the Summer Waves 12' Ft. Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool with Filter Pump. These types of pools are definitely more budget-friendly than a large-scale above-ground pool.

Also pictured above (see I need the bigger pool lol) is the trampoline! I think one of the very first things I hear from the kids every morning is "can we go on the trampoline yet?". This is a big investment for sure so if you don't have space or cash to put towards a full-size trampoline, like Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net for Kids Outdoor.

Maybe try a mini trampoline for kids that can be easily stored anywhere.

Aunt Charlene is living the blow-up castle life, something about throwing them in a screened-in bouncy space and being able to sit for a while lol... While I do not have a cheaper option for these... THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN. And our littles genuinely spend hours bouncing and then sleeeeeeeeeeep. We are loving the Little Tikes Inflatable Jump 'n Slide Bounce House w/heavy duty blower and Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer (Riley played on these until her little legs could go no more).

Some fun and less costly water activities that the kids love? Water balloons, slip and slide, wading pool, sprinklers, sprinklers, and bubbles lol adding bubbles to anything!!! Here some fun ideas! Ohhh and we have been loving running around our backyard with a kite!

Nanny bought the kids these stomp rocket things that they freaking love. And we make a game out of who can collect them all at the end to clean up lol.

All these things are awesome and you could also paint outside (or in), do scavenger hunts and so many fun things!

I think the essence of the 80s summer is fun, being outside, barbeque and barely stopping to eat before playing some more, rainy day movies with cousins, puzzles, lego, crafts, sun and wildflowers, and the feeling of BEST SUMMER EVER! For this, you can spend a TON or Nothing. Cuddles and utilizing what you have and sunshine are free!

After over a year of feeling locked in, we just wanna run and play and see wildly happy littles laughing together.

What are your plans for this summer?