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Wear the Shorts! Some of my fav items for this summer!

I have officially decided that this is the summer of wearing the shorts, flirty skirts, short overalls, and all the other things that one may hesitate on wearing cuz "what would they think". Give less energy to worrying about everyone else and focus on yourself! What do you want to wear?

I just ordered a bunch of items from Aerie and am loving them! So I thought I would share what I am wearing and some of my fav items I have on my wishlist.

The cover picture I am wearing head to toe Aerie... This is my Hot Mom 80's summer look lol

I don't know if the sale is still on but I totally took advantage of the 8 undies for 40$ sale lol did you know that your max order is 20 items? We all learn something new lol Shorts are super comfy, they are the Aerie Daydream Denim Short. Everything I bought was xxl in size for reference. The bra I am wearing is the Aerie Seamless Low Back Bralette and it's soft and comfy... even for my big ole girls! And last but not least the super chill tank, OFFLINE Raw Cut Tank Top !

For fitness I am so into dance workouts and am currently working my way through the new ShaunT program on Beachbody called let's get up! I have had different approaches to fitness in the past and this time I am not using a scale or measurements and I am doing what I enjoy! SOOOO I got me a dance workout outfit (yes I did) sports bra is OFFLINE Shine Strappy Back Sports Bra and the shorts (its a SKORT!!!) OFFLINE Nylon Printed Skirt !

My maybe favorite item I bought was a smocked short that looks like a skirt and it is dreamy and cozy and pretty and flirty and I think I wasn't them all lol (hint hint Ryan...) Aerie Real Good Smocked High Waisted Short !

I even picked up a cute ribbed tube top to lounge in... YES I DID! Aerie Ribbed Tube Tank Top

I am a part of a few groups on Facebook and EVERYONE has been talking about the aerie wrap one piece... so I got me one!!! Aerie Wrap One Piece Swimsuit Cannot wait to take it for a spin.. or a swim...

So those and some of my spring dresses will totally be my summer go too... What is on my wishlist from Aerie you ask (totally not sponsored by the way...lol)? So More of all of the above.. like one in each color... just saying.

The Aerie Boho Tank Top was going in my cart but they did not have my size, so so cute though!

This hoodie for sure is on my list.... Aerie Real Good Everyday Hoodie can we say evenings by the campfire? YES WE CAN!

I am normally not a kimono-wearing type.. but I am feeling the dreamy lounge life and this one is gorgeous! Aerie Chiffon Kimono

Can we say genie pants? Aerie Real Good Smocked High Waisted Beach Pant

And last (cuz this could go on forever) but certainly not least... Aerie Ribbed Midi Cover Up

What are some of your fave summer items? What are you wearing?

Share in the comments below! Let me know if you want a try on reel on Instagram!

Lots of Luv


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