• Natasha Derouchie


Parenting can be hard! It’s a hard job! It gets called a job for very important reasons. As parents we aren’t meant to be the best friend, we are meant to teach and instill.

There are wonderfully magical moments as parents and there’s the ones where you toddler is throwing an epic size tantrum on the floor because you told them they can’t climb the wood stove! And here’s the thing, they don’t know how ridiculous they are being or the danger they would be in if we allowed them to do everything. They don’t know because it’s our JOB to teach them.

It’s our job to say no a million times a day, until they understand why

It’s our job to teach them manors, to reinforce please and thank you

It’s our job to teach them patience, respect, empathy and compassion

It’s our job to teach them to have a voice, to stand up for themselves and to know right from wrong

It’s our job to keep them safe and to teach them how to be safe when they aren’t with us

It’s our job to teach them about leading a healthy lifestyle

It’s our job to teach them to clean up after themselves and to help others

It’s our job to teach them proper bathroom techniques and how to care for our bodies

It’s our job to teach them inclusivity and the beauty of diversity

It’s our job

It’s our job

It’s our job

As a parent it’s our job to teach and raise good humans. It’s our jobs to teach them life skills.

It’s not the teachers job, grandparents job, daycare providers job….

Yes it takes a village, but it is a parents job to teach and set rules and boundaries. It’s the villages job to respect those and help reinforce, but not to lay the groundwork!

Trust me, I know, being a parent with rules and teaching your children them can suck. But you know what doesn’t suck? Having respectful, helpful children who know the difference of exploring independence and following the rules.

So teach, lead by example, say no, explain why, talk to your children! Yes it’s hard, but not always. And I much rather be the parent walking down the road constantly correcting my children on road safety, then have to deal with an accident.

I rather teach my children chores, grocery shopping and money now, then have a 18 yo who doesn’t know how to manage away at school or how to take care of themselves.

Be the rule maker, the voice of reason, the safe place

Let’s raise incredible humans and send them out in the world to make it a better place.

Lotsa Love


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