Hello, Welcome to Natasha Derouchie.com

Hi my name is Natasha and welcome to natashaderouchie.com

What started out as a creative outlet and way for me to express myself, has grown in so many ways!

I am a Canadian momma, blogger, photographer and social whiz (the last two can be found @ derouchiemedia)!   

I write about my life experiences, my journey and things that inspire me or make me happy... Like things that sparkle! I am a passionate advocate for self love, care and body positivity. 

I am on a fitness/wellness journey and have found a re-ignited spark and enjoyment for fitness. 

This blog is not one thing, I couldn't choose, so instead it is sprinkles of all that makes up my day to day life. 

Hope you enjoy!

Natasha Derouchie

Blogger Extraordinaire